About Us

Leadership K.A.R.D is the brainchild of 4 individuals- Kiran deep Sandhu, Asish Datta, Ram Ramakrishnan and Devesh Mohan, who share a common vision and mission to support 1 Million Emerging leaders to solve problems for self, others and the organization.

Leadership KA.R.D is created on the framework of Knowledge, Accomplish, Reflect and Development (K.A.R.D). Our Coaches collectively have over a 100+ years of experience and come from diverse fields such as Academics, Finance and Operations, Real Estate and Sales and have worked in India, Malaysia and Internationally. The team at Leadership K.A.R.D have held senior management positions in various industries and traversed the leadership route embracing many challenges. The heart of leadership is to manage SELF and OTHERS for profitable growth. Leveraging the experience, the team has designed actionable and implementable frameworks for emerging leaders for their growth journey.

Customized Programs

Why invest in Leadership K.A.R.D?

Leadership K.A.R.D Professional Development Programs have been designed based on research, insights from Industry experts and our own experiences to provide a comprehensive program to accelerate personal and professional growth. Our programs cater to individual contributors, first time and senior managers. These programs provide theoretical frameworks as well as practical actionable steps (designed based on our 100+ years of experiences) which can be applied immediately on the job.

Our Clients

  • Educational Institutions
  • Universities
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Entrepreneures
  • Healthcare Professionals